To Love the Phaleonopsis

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To Love the Phaleonopsis
by Nicholas Remas III

At the beginning of this novel, an adolescent boy is haunted by dreams of a mysterious woman. As he reaches adulthood, he learns of the identity of his true love, as well as the mysterious enemies who threaten him and his family. He also gains knowledge of his own distinctive ancestral heritage and his special powers as a descendent of the ancient Nursqu, or Wind Guardians. He then is able to fulfill his destiny to lead his people from the oppression under which they have fallen at the hands of the Gaulinsk, or Gravity Bearers, who are mortal foes of the Nursqu tribes. As he struggles to protect his loved ones, his loyal followers, and his land, the hero of this story finally learns what it truly means to love the phaleonopsis.

About the Author

Nicholas Remas III lives in Huntington Station, New York, and attends SUNY Suffolk Community College. He is single, has published one book previously, and enjoys fishing, Scrabble, and video games.

(2009, paperback, 106 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review