Time Cap (HC)

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Time Cap

By: Nick Rucker


About the Book

Snapshots of one soldier’s time overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq, Time Cap fearlessly lets readers peer inside the windows at both the light and dark sides of military service. Many passages are lifted straight from the author Nick Rucker’s journal, shedding light on his battle with alcoholism and his struggle to maintain relationships and readjust to a “normal” life upon returning to the States.

Relatable to soldiers and to any who’ve had their lives turned suddenly upside-down, Rucker offers a message of hope: you can turn your life back around, no matter how far you think you’ve fallen.


About the Author

Nick Rucker is active in the military, now serving his twelfth year of service with the National Guard. Having experienced his own troubles adapting to life after deployment, he is now a public speaker and gives talks about his time overseas and how music ultimately helped him find sobriety. He is also involved with the Guitars 4 Veterans chapter of Nebraska, which provides guitars to veterans struggling with PTSD and helps them through music therapy.

Rucker is a country musician with songs on Pandora, Spotify and iTunes. He is also an avid cross-fitter.


(2020, Hardcover, 134 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review