Three Life Lessons from the Third Father: Volume II

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by Ezekiel II Three Life Lessons from the Third Father: Volume II is a collection of writings and shared letters compiled as a testament of one mans love for his daughter and her mother, the woman he refers to as his soulmate. In this candid and revealing compilation, the reader shares Ethans emotional struggles as he attempts to live in the most authentic and compassionate manner possible amidst increasingly turbulent relationships. His devotion to Sara is unwavering in the face of his familys disapproval, the interference of friends, and even Saras own actions. The events recorded here offer unusual, deeply personal insight into the motivations and passions of one family. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ezekiel II is a native and longtime resident of California currently residing in Texas. Self-employed, he works in private finance and development with Global Note Exchange. (2008, paperback, 216 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review