Thoughts of William T. Smith

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Thoughts of William T. Smith

By: William T. Smith

About the Book

In this book of poems, readers will find ways to forever praise the Lord Jesus Christ for everything: the funny things, the trials they face, and everyday living. From ideas jotted down in happiness or anger, these poems urge readers to always praise Jesus for the good that comes from life and teach how to put one’s thoughts down on paper.

You never know who may read it.

About the Author

William T. Smith was born in Morgan County, Illinois. He has three children and three grandchildren and loves being with them. Smith enjoys attending auctions. He is a retired plant worker, but now uses his retirement to give back to his community. He volunteers as an usher at his church and also works with hospice care patients.


(2018, Paperback, 94 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review