Thoughts of Love to My Lover

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Of all the themes that poems have been used to express, no theme has been chosen by poets to expound upon more than love. Whether sonnet, ode, or free verse, love is nearly always the subject. As young men and women first discover poetry, it is usually the love poem that first captures their hearts and the first they attempt to emulate. Therefore, there can be no more fitting subject for a collection of poems than love, and Charlotte L. Reid has collected her love poems in this passionate and romantic collection, Thoughts of Love to My Lover, Reid explores all facets of love from the erotic to the platonic. Thoughts of Love to My Lover will comfort the broken heart and inflame the love-struck heart as it enhances thoughts of ecstasy that only two people in love can hold. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Since Charlotte L. Reid believes that love involves sharing and receiving, she has written this book to share her thoughts on love with you. Ms. Reid resides in Chicago, Illinois. Reid/2003/paperback/40pp


(No reviews yet) Write a Review