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This Is My Story

Growing in Grace 

By: Glen O. Suiter

About the Book

A man’s journey in life may take many twists and turns, but, ultimately, he will be judged by where he ends up and the impact he has on those around him. Glen O. Suiter is no stranger to the seeming randomness of daily life; but through all the difficulties he faced, he always found his way thanks to a faith in God, that while it too went through many changes over the years, only became stronger with time.

                This Is My Story is the tale of a life well-lived. It contains the lessons learned by a true Christian who was everything from an inactive and unheard member of a congregation to a leader, preacher, and church founder. Glen’s story isn’t idyllic, but life never is. Learning to deal with that fact is perhaps the greatest challenge of all.


About the Author

As Glen O. Suiter reflects on his life, he is amazed how God has had such a profound influence in all of it. From the struggles of low self esteem to the accomplishment of pastoring to enjoying all that the Lord has given him in his later years. It truly has been an amazing ride and he wouldn’t trade it for anything.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review