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these roads

By: Gregory Alan Westphal and Ashley Beth Cleveland


About the Authors

Gregory Alan Westphal is a poet. On occasion he has brought his views of life’s
events, personal and those around him, to the written page in a manner to affect
readers’ memories and imaginations, to make real a past experience or to open
understanding of another’s steps on a different road. He claims and was actually
diagnosed with A.D.D as his reason for not completing often proposed suggestions
to publish his work.
Ashley Beth Cleveland is an artist. She dismissed any recognition that she had this
remarkable ability for years. Several years ago, she discovered the latent art
within her when she was in a program to use art as an expression to foster growth.
Her art is bold, colorful and creatively distinctive, not learned through others’
influence and teaching, but hers from within.
Beth recognized nuances in her art that reflected meaning and substance in Greg’s
poems. Together they combined pieces of her art to poems that Greg had written
and these roads was born, published and is now being distributed and available to
reach the audience their works describe.

Enjoy, and Godspeed to your road, one of these roads.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review