These people are Hidden Heroes? - eBook

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These people are Hidden Heroes?
by Karl Lawrence aka T.O.L

War is brought to American soil when the military is put in place to deal with a hostile nation. The country ignored the warnings about the invasion and is caught off-guard when it happens, the strength of the military is caught abroad and the world Mercenary force has set up blockades to make war against the American force trying to return home. The guards and military that are left are no match for the highly trained mercenary pirates, but their arrogance causes them to make a big invasion losing mistake. Areas known as the Hoods are organized and trained as the TRIBE:

The true purpose of Gangs, Thugs, Hustlers, Chicken heads and ratchet Hood Rats is revealed to the world.

These People are Hidden Heroes?

The protectors of the country against the mad men of the world. Yeah and it’s like dat!

America we can be your greatest Ally or your worst enemy... it’s your choice.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review