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There's So Much to Miss

By: Jim Baun


About the Book

Deprived of his youth and young adulthood after a tragic act of violence leaves him trapped in a coma, once-17-year-old Peter Danko is forced to deal with his new life and surroundings in a strange new world when he wakes up 25 years later as a middle-aged man.

Now, Peter has to choose between living his life as a helpless invalid or using his experience to show others what can easily happen to them if we don’t work tirelessly to stop the spread of violence and moral decay.

Learn from Peter just what courage is all about, and that sometimes, we need to accept help and put away pride and self-pity to succeed.

About the Author

Jim Baun was raised in a hard hat and lunch bucket city where love of God, family, and country meant something special. Like so many in the seventies, he and his family moved to the southwest, where he spent 40 years dealing directly with regular folks as a salesman who loved to talk, which gave him a perspective of what people really want in this country.

Now in retirement, Baun has become outspoken about social ills. He especially enjoys writing about them because it allows him an opportunity to better formulate an opinion. He has been active in his church his entire life and he prays for the same blessings for today's youth as he knew in the church and in his home. He prays that today's church and family will retake its intended role in society. He remains a loyal Buckeye and Browns fan.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review