There's a Bird in My Bathtub

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There’s a Bird in My Bathtub 

By Daryl D Hansen

This is just a weird story about a weird bird, and the ordinary people that happen to come in contact with that bird. Well, most of them are normal, but maybe not quite.

Everybody has a problem, somewhere, although you can’t usually tell just by looking, or even by talking to them. In this case, the main character in this story has some deep-seated fears about commitment. In the past, he lost a lot of those he had grown close to, and now it is affecting his personal life. Put simply, he is afraid to get too close to anyone, because he is afraid to face that sense of loss a second time.

So, the question is: Can a bird in his bathtub really change his life, and bring Henry the love and happiness he deserves?

(2022, paperback, 210 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review