There Is More to Me Than Eyes Can See

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There Is More to Me Than Eyes Can See
by Ida Ruth Ellis

We all hurt, cry, laugh, and sing from inside, no matter what our appearance. We are taught to see ourselves and others by the skin we are in rather than the spirit inside. But what really is inside us? What do we have that we cannot see?

There Is More to Me Than Eyes Can See is a charming childrens book that parents will enjoy as well. With ten wonderful illustrations, you and your child will enjoy learning to accept the spirit within.

About the Author

Ida Ruth Ellis and her husband, Henry, share two children: Cloryletta and Chitara. Ida enjoys witnessing and reading her Bible. When asked what inspired her to write this book, Ida said, It was not enough for me to only attend church. I needed to learn how to hear from the Father through the voice of the Holy Spirit, His Spirit inside me.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review