The Writings

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The Writings
by Joel David Rinker

The Writings is a collection of revelatory ideas in which the author seeks to somewhat perfect the worship and fear of the true God, to end the fear of the unknown, and to stop the threat of violence completely. Addressing issues of a vast range, from evolution and creation to drugs and homosexuality, Mr. Rinker methodically lays out his thoughts and insights on human existence and our relationship to the spirit world. The vision portrayed throughout The Writings is one of a peaceful life where prejudice and jealousies are eliminated and Christian forgiveness reigns.

About the Author:

Joel David Rinker prioritizes friends and family, and most of his life is devoted to God. He also put a high priority on our future as a human race and seeks the means of ending fear and violence and, most importantly, helping people to worship and love the One who has done all the good things for us and who alone is worthy of exclusive devotion, including the writing and reading of this book, our Father in Heaven.

(2014, Paperback, 52 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review