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The Way of the Dog

by Justin Moldenhauer

The Way of the Dog: Dog Te Ching is a line by line adaptation of the Tao Te Ching from the perspective of the dog-human relationship. It is a poetic interpretation of the Tao, which is a fun read for all ages while incorporating the essential truths about the way of life.

Justin's Dog, Scully, has been one of his greatest teachers and she is the inspiration for this book. These poetic verses share the deep truth that all dogs know and give: unconditional love.

The goal of this work is to share the deeper truths about life and love while exposing our unity as beings. All life is sacred and by learning from nature we find our highest calling: love and unity. The goal of this work is to illuminate the truth within life itself.

About the Author

A chef by trade, Justin struggled to find peace and happiness and was often depressed. His search for truth and wellness led him to spiritual works such as the Tao. His rescue pit/lab Scully, who was abandoned and almost starved to death, has been his best friend and teacher. Her unconditional love and joy has been a true light in his life.

Justin and Scully enjoy going to the dog park, hiking, paddleboarding, and learning new tricks.

(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review