The Watchman in a Warehouse for Children - eBook

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The Watchman in a Warehouse for Children

by Danny Stewart

Lester Newman is a ministerial graduate student whose life is complicated by financial struggles as he tries to support his wife and two daughters while also obtaining his degree. To make ends meet, Lester takes a job as nightshift “houseparent” at a state-owned children’s home. The position is that of a watchman who roams the campus reporting what he observes about campus life during hours when campus authorities are not present. As he witnesses harsh realities experienced by the children and staff, he embarks on a personal journey in which his faith and beliefs about good and evil are questioned. In this world where damaged and abandoned children are shelved in warehouses, how can one find strength to make a difference?

About the Author

Danny Stewart is a retired minister and native of Texas. He received his PhD from Baylor University in 1978, and has served as pastor in congregations in Texas, then as a judicatory pastor in Texas and Missouri. He and his wife Nina currently reside in Bradenton, Florida.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review