The WALK: Footsteps of My Journey - eBook

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The WALK: Footsteps of My Journey

By: Wayne Mabry


About the Book

A young kid from Smalltown, Mississippi has big dreams and isn’t afraid chase them across the country to make them a reality. It’s a story like many others but with a distinct spirituality and positivity that resides in all people. Surpassing time and generations, subtle lessons are learned, experiences are had, and wisdom shared as the walk continues. Readers from all walks of life will find inspirations and be able to reflect on where their own journey began and the lives they’ve touched along the way.


About the Author

Wayne Mabry stays active in his community by volunteering his time with different charitable organizations as a means of giving back. He is a cigar aficionado and enjoys bourbon, attending concerts and live music events, and watching and attending sports events. He also is interested in fine attire, luxury RVs, and helping charitable groups. He seeks to make positive changes to his life and the world by sharing his journey.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review