The Two-Headed Calf

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The Two-Headed Calf
by Lee Cooley

Two unlikely couples find romance against the wild background of the Arizona Territory. An evil rancher and his six sons plan revenge against the hero, Cephus, and his friends with many complications neither party could have foreseen. Cephus, along with his friends Lily and Grov, must find a way to one-up this rancher while finding love along the way.

A tribute to the old west, The Two-Headed Calf brings to mind a certain era in American storytelling. With a cast of equally interesting characters, funny dialogue, and amusing circumstances, its sure to be an enjoyable read.

About the Author:

After much travel in the West, Lee Cooley stumbled upon the idea of this alternative look at the Arizona Territory. A retired RN, Cooley has found more time to write, read, and enjoy outdoor activities. This book is one result of that treasured time.

(2017, Paperback, 192 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review