The Twins and the Prince - eBook

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The Twins and the Prince

By: Kristi Moehlenkamp


About the Book

Long ago, the prince of the Kingdom of Jool was captured by an evil sorcerer. Thirteen-year old orphan twins, Kally and Jerun from the sleepy little village of Nordlund, are mysteriously chosen to come to the prince’s rescue. The twins discover that evil, flying “black shadows” are out to kill anyone who interferes with the sorcerer’s plans. Kally and Jerun learn to make hard choices. Join the twins as they escape from trouble, ride dragons, and overcome their fears on a dangerous quest.


About the Author

Kristi Moehlenkamp has been telling stories as soon as she started talking. Since retiring, she has devoted herself to writing happy fantasy adventure stories for kids between the ages of nine and eleven; the “between” time for some young readers. Kristi lives in Washington state. She has one son, lots of family, and great friends.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review