The True and Shining Heart of Love Puppy

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The True and Shining Heart of Love Puppy
by James Thomas

This is the story of a pet, her owner, and their extraordinary relationship. George, an unhappy man, afraid of commitment, struggles to find his way through a confusing life. It is only when confronted by Puppy, does he begin an interesting journey of self-discovery; his past, his fears, his personal stagnation. When he begins a New Wave therapy to regain control of his life he again is thrown into personal turmoil. Is George strong enough to conquer his demons, find love, and live a happy life?

The reader will appreciate this modern fable with a creative twist.

About the Author

James Thomas sings and acts, both locally and nationally. The True and Shining Heart of Love Puppy was inspired by Mr. Thomas past experiences, Jim is currently married and has a son. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he currently lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

(2011, paperback, 52 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review