The Treasure Land - eBook

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The Treasure Land - eBook

The Treasure Land
by W.H. Sagr

The Treasure Land: A Story of a King follows the adventures of Hassan as he battles dragons, dwarves, and sorceresses to reach the Land of Treasure and bring riches and glory back to his village. Nurtured by his grandfather, Hassan hones his skills and builds his character to help him along his way.

About the Author:

W. H. Sagr is a licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is certified as a social and emotional intelligence and motivational life coach. He serves as a member on the Society and American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programmers organizations.

As a child, Sagr spent some time in England. He developed a lifelong love of classic childrenÂ’s books and writing is now a passionate hobby of his. His travels around the world have inspired his spirit of adventure.

(2017, eBook)