The Tiger & the Painted Bunting - eBook

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The Tiger & the Painted Bunting

By:  John T. Kutko

About the Book

Wandering too far from home, Shanti, the tiger cub, is captured and sold by poachers to a rich man. But when she grows too big and aggressive to handle, he sends her to a zoo, where she becomes bored and lonely and loses her appetite. Unable to find a buddy tiger for Shanti, her keepers worry about her health. Then, one day, a beautiful painted bunting named Al appears, and they become good friends, sharing their day and eating their meals together. The Tiger & the Painted Bunting is a lovely tale that shows two unlikely friends can make a world of difference for each other.

About the Author

John T. Kutko came up with the story of The Tiger & the Painted Bunting with the intent of spreading the message that you can be friends with anyone no matter how unlikely the pairing is. Kutko is a retired Clarksville Primary School teacher who taught health and physical education for eleven years.

About the Illustrator

Writer, illustrator, and Editor Abbriel Harrison is a multimedia designer and
did the artwork in watercolors. Ever since learning the word in
kindergarten, she’s wanted to be an illustrator and through
a lot of hard work, that dream is now a reality.

(2022, eBook)     


(No reviews yet) Write a Review