The Sweetheart Combo! - eBook

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The Sweetheart Combo! - eBook

The Sweetheart Combo!

By: Hala Amer


About the Book

Are you a westerner with deep eastern roots whose love life is pulled between two forceful cultures? Do you have burning feelings for a western mate and are unsure if the relationship will work out for both of you? Are you an eastern parent with a dire desire for your children to keep their religion and choose mates from the same culture?

Whether you are or not, you’ll be absorbed in the dynamics of how two talented surgeons resolve their dilemma of getting married. Rajeev and Nader graduated from their New York School of Medicine, and work hard to pave the path for their promising careers and amazing lives in the United States.

Will either of them pick the sweetheart of his dreams, or will they settle for the traditional “Sweetheart Combo” arranged by the family? What, in your opinion, will influence their decisions, and what sacrifices will inevitably be made? Find out in this human journey about how many of us get stuck in a cultural jam.


About the Author

Hala Amer is an author and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Cairo, Egypt. As a child, her family cherished literature and encouraged reading. Together, they expressed themselves through reading and writing poetry. Hala works as a project manager for a corporation and lives with her husband and children in Fairfax, Virginia.



(2020, eBook)