The Summer of Joanie and Bobo

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The Summer of Joanie and Bobo
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The Summer of Joanie and Bobo
by Jeanette Bloker Cantrell; Jean Bloker Knudtson; and Aileen Bloker Layon

What happens if a piglet is raised among dogs and humans? Joanie experienced her greatest summer with Bobo, a dying newborn she rescued from a litter of piglets. With careful nursing and help from her family, Joanie reared the piglet back into health.

A unique bond grew between the child, pig, and the two family dogs. Being raised with dogs as companions, Bobo developed canine-like behaviors that conflicted with his natural hog instincts as he grew. Everything was perfect, until one fateful, stormy night. Would both Joanie and Bobo have a happy ending?

About the Author

Aileen, Jean and Jeanette are sisters who grew up on a farm in North Dakota. They have wonderful memories of their experiences growing up in a loving family with farm animals and the creative play the farm and surroundings provided.

Many years ago, they were encouraged to write about Jeanettes pet pig, Bobo. They decided to meet and put their memories of that special summer together and write the story. After several such meetings, The Summer or Joanie and Bobo became a reality.

Jean and Jeanette are retired teachers. Aileen is a retired Medical Corporation Executive. They are married and have grown children.

Although they live in different cities, Aileen and Jeanette in California and Jean in Indiana, they talk weekly on the phone and visit each other when possible, often reminiscing about their childhoods.

Jean illustrated this book sketching pictures as she remembered the events of that summer.

(2012, paperback, 70 pages)