The Spiritual Doctrine of the Aquarian Age

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by Daniel T. Washington Have the love-wisdom principles as presented by the man commonly called Jesus been misinterpreted by the Christian church, resulting in widespread misunderstanding in the Western world? In The Spiritual Doctrine of the Aquarian Age, Daniel T. Washington argues that the answer is yes. Through an analytical examination, Washington has sought to detail a correct interpretation of the teachings that have been offered and to lead the reader to a true understanding of our spiritual nature and our future here on Earth. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel T. Washington is a native of Washington, Pennslyvania, and has recently returned to settle in his hometown. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a World War II veteran, the author retired from the Department of Defense as a systems analyst and logistics manager. Mr. Washington is a member of the Pigeon Creek Poetry Group and enjoys studying astrology, philosophy, and world religions. He also is the author of The Book of the Son, a collection of poetry. (2004, paperback, 187 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review