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The Soul of a Woman

The Insanity of Men

By: Caldony

About the Book

Join Caldony as she takes us on a journey through one woman’s experiences with love and life’s challenges. As women, we need to remember to learn to love and respect ourselves and each other by doing what’s best for us, to enjoy life by doing what makes us happy. The Soul of a Woman: The Insanity of Men lets us do just that.


About the Author

Caldony began a relationship with the world when she began kindergarten at the age of four. Here was where she entered the dynamics of life. When she was eleven, she came into womanhood. Life started preparing her through non-childlike experiences to become a woman. She was innately prompted to start a diary, which began to reveal her zeal for writing.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review