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The Simple Tax System - eBooks

The Simple Tax System

By: Daniel V. Carbaugh, BA, MS

About the Book

April 15th is just another day.       

The NEW201* TAX System is renamed Simple Tax System:

•             no annual tax day,

•             no tax forms,

•             no withholding tax,

•             no corporate tax,

•             no back taxes penalties,

•             no tax files to preserve for years past, 

•             no separate tax system for businesses,

•             no intimidation,

•             and, NO IRS!  

We should be searching for the simple, easily understood answer for funding essential services of the federal government.

STOP taxing INCOME!  Use the Simple Tax System.  It’s Fair. It’s Simple. It WILL Work!


About the Author

 Daniel V. Carbaugh, BA, MS was born in south-central Pennsylvania in 1942.  He graduated from high school in 1960, did a hitch in the U.S. Marine Corps and then, too soon, found himself back in his hometown in 1965 looking for a job.  Thanks to skills recently acquired from his military service (and a little luck) Dan soon found his way to a forty-two year career  with Westinghouse Electronic Systems in Baltimore.  Along the way Dan earned an undergraduate  degree from the University of Maryland and a graduate degree in Engineering Management from the Johns Hopkins University.

Dan and his family endured twenty plus years as expatriates in Europe, South-east Asia, South America, and North Africa. He retired from engineering management in 2007 and moved with his wife to South-west Florida.  Dan's interest in tax reform came as a result of caring about fixing the federal tax code so that he could finally

understand it.


Dan’s personal website is and his tax reform website is


(2017, eBook)