The Shadows of Arthur's Kingdom

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The Shadows of Arthurs Kingdom
by Alice C. Kennedy and Donald D. Kennedy III

I completely enjoyed the opportunity to relive some of the old-fashioned values and acts of courage and valor that are always required to best the forces of evil and win the fair damsel from the clutches of despair. -Dr. Michael Wourms, CSN Books, Pine Valley, California

An excellent fantasy story with good description and great word choice. Great use of sentence variety and detail. Very creative! -Ms. Tracey Conrad, 6th Grade Teacher, Brighton Middle School, Brighton, Tennessee

The Shadows of Arthurs Kingdom began as a school project and grew into an epic fantasy story about a wannabe Royal Knight of King Arthurs famed Round Table, fire-breathing dragons, a dangerous quest, adventure, castles, and a curious self-willed princess.

About the Author:

Donald D. Kennedy III was born prematurely on March 7, 1991. Though his start was rough, adversity helped the young writer to foster a tender heart and grow into a deep, creative thinker. In addition to writing, he enjoys cooking, singing, and playing the guitar and drums.

Donald teamed up with his mother, Alice C. Kennedy, to produce The Shadows of Arthurs Kingdom.

(2016, Paperback, 106 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review