The Seventh Thread and a Tsunami

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The Seventh Thread and a Tsunami
by Diana Edgar

Written by Diana Edgar in a search for some reason for her unfortunate handicap, this small book seeks to reveal the mystery of variations in the human condition through what she calls the seven threads.

Composed of snapshot views of people from different walks of life, she shows how we are all tied together by the seventh thread. Edgar constantly questions her readers and challenges them to consider the real world issues and tragedies for which we are all responsible. While she believes God to be an active force, she asserts that we are not simply driven by fate, and so it is up to us to take control and make changes to improve the world. Conceived of as an inspiration for the problem solvers of tomorrow, this book encourages all of us to think in terms of we to create a universally better world.

About the Author

Diana Edgar has two bachelor of arts degrees, one in history and the other in philosophy and religion. She is currently an NT education teacher at a bilingual aboriginal community education center.

Diana and her husband, Bill, have eight children: Kate, Yvette and her long-term partner, Tim, Oliver, Tash, Amy, Nick, and Bonny. She enjoys meditating, international music, and reading.

(2009, paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review