The Second Savior

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The Second Savior

By: C.M. Schwartz

About the Book

In 2075, continental emperors rule with stratocracy, intent on controlling everyone and everything by using military strategy. Determined to win, the emperor of The Americas orders the chief of the Science Coalition, Dr. Luther Deimon, to send someone back in time to acquire victorious strategies that will help The Americas win the next war. Deimon agrees…but with a different goal in mind.

Determined to boost his power and dethrone the emperor, Deimon commissions the time-travel SAVR project and orders Head of Operations Dr. Didymus Caelen to hire the best linguist in the world to perform its mission. Caelen offers the job to Stephen Crest, a professor of ancient language in the most prominent global university.

Although filled with contempt by the SAVR project’s focus, Crest reluctantly accepts the job when Caelen predicts the annihilation of mankind during the next war. Faced with a multitude of challenges, Crest struggles to set aside his doubt of the SAVR mission, its questionable success, and the ultimate fate of his future.


About the Author


C.M. Schwartz is both an artist and an author. Her degree in art expanded her talent and interest to a variety of genre, including sculpture, painting, functional art, interior design, architecture, and creative writing. After practicing the first five talents, she explored the sixth by writing a novel that focused on science fiction and provided readers with a wealth of entertainment.


(2019, paperback, 278 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review