The Romanian Transport: Adventures of Jessie Lincoln - eBook

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The Romanian Transport: Adventures of Jesse Lincoln

By: Marty Keene

About the Book

Following the adventures of Jessie Lincoln throughout many exotic countries, there is much mystery to be solved. After having a very secretive government piece of information given to Jessie by mistake, he must adjust his pride, goals, and motivation in order to do the right thing for his country.


About the Author


Marty Keene worked as an instructor and counselor in significant educational institutions and performed as an Ambassador of Friendship for the United States. He and his wife Kathy have developed, managed, and owned retail stores, golf courses, and different firms and services. Keene has been owner and international distributor for the Regenerating PBS Wristband, LLC, which neutralizes the body from negative frequencies of the modern electrical world.

(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review