The Role of Faith and Religion in the Life of African-Americans

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The Role of Faith and Religion in the Life of African-Americans

by Florence Ray Van Liew Crain

African-Americans who are highly involved in religion have fewer family problems than those who are not involved. The youths in these families have better emotional control and greater involvement in positive, productive activities.

This book is a discussion of the history of African-Americansthrough hundreds of years of cruelty and brutality in slavery, war, and segregationand the role of Christian faith and churches in helping black people survive and overcome such enormous challenges. These facts offer powerful testament to the role of faith and religion in the lives of African-Americans.

Encouragement, hope, faith, and determination will help us receive what God has for us if we serve Him! Author Florence Van Liew Crain hopes and prays that those who think they cannot make it will be able to get up, brush themselves off, and move forward.

About the Author:

Florence Ray Van Liew Crains hobbies include swimming, reading, and helping others. She loves going to church and was saved at a very early age. She also received two bachelors and a masters degree. Florence currently resides in Florida.

(2017, Paperback, 376 pages)

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