The Rhymes of Life

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by Michelle S. West This skillful series of cameos realizes for us the vicissitudes of life in modern urban America. The poet draws us pictures of both the highs and the lows of her life. We suffer with her the heartbreak of abandonment and the breakup of her family, but we rejoice wit her in the joy of new love and of lifes new beginnings. She shows us the wasted potential for good, and we pray with her that this potential may yet be realized. The author is borne up by her faith in God, and by the loving triumph of her extended family. This is not a book of sorrow, it is a triumph of optimism. Things really will work out for the best. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michelle S. West is a native of Philadelphia, but presently is living in New England. She is divorced, and the only men in her life at the moment are her son, Tyren, and her fianc, James, whom she is nuts about. She loves poetry, the arts, cooking, and dancing. She has traveled extensively, enjoys it, and hopes to do more. Her favorite music ranges from classical to hip-hop and Gospel. She hopes, one day, to become an actress or a singer. She doesnt want to be rich, but would much sooner build a loving family and have more children. One day, she thinks she has a good shot at that. After reading these vignettes, we can only wish her well. (2005, paperback, 72 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review