The Reincarnation of Shaleena McBay

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The Reincarnation of Shaleena McBay
by Dessie Mae

Jodis parents love children, but they are unable to have their own. Instead, they literally have a baby handed to them. In their desperation, they keep Jodis mysterious arrival a secret.

When Jodi needs a brain implant to stay alive, her parents face a desperate choice. The reality of the soul and the truth of identity must be confronted.

Who is the real Shaleena McBay?

About the Author:

Dessie Mae worked thirty-three years in the nursing field, from a nursing assistant to director. She currently resides in Cadet, Missouri. Dessie Mae is active in her church and plays guitar for service music. She enjoys gardening and riding horses.

Throughout her life, Dessie Mae has loved reading and the journey books could take her on. As a child she loved to entertain friends and siblings by making up and sharing her own stories.

(2016, Paperback, 72 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review