The Red Satin Slip

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The Red Satin Slip
by Rizzy

After betrayal by a trusted husband, Justin, who sells a picture of her, wearing only a red satin slip, to Playboy magazine, the once happily married Helen Marshall becomes the object of a media frenzy. The widely publicized picture comes to the attention of American millionaire Dominique Dench, who falls in love with Helen immediately and travels to England to win her heart.

Helen looks to Dominique for protection, but together this couple must endure the constant watch of the media and Justins efforts to seek revenge and tear them apart, challenges that will test the strength of their newfound love.

About the Author

Rizzy is a native of Middlesbrough, England. She received a business and finance BTEC National Diploma from GNV2 Business Intermediate. She now lives in Forest Gate, England, with her husband, Sultan, and their two children, Saif and Madinah. In her spare time, Rizzy enjoys music and singing.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review