The Ramblings of a Father

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The Ramblings of a Father
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The Ramblings of a Father
by Daniel Harmeson

The Ramblings of a Father started as the Dear Jasmine letters Daniel began writing to his granddaughter before she was born. The letters became part of a book, which turned into a book of poems.

The theme is, as Daniel would say, basically just simplistically realistic ramblings about experiences, emotions, family, and my way of life.

Daniel would hope that the readers would respond by relating to the poems. It is intended to create a response of thought and or emotion.

About the Author

A retired naval officer with twenty-seven years of active service, Daniel Harmeson is married to Zeny Harmeson for thirty-one years. He has two daughters, Charity Sandle and Christina Harmeson, and a granddaughter, Jasmine Sandle. Daniel was born in Danville, IL, having earned a baccalaureate degree in liberal arts. He is a project superintendent for a large construction company. He loves babysitting his granddaughter. His hobbies include writing poems, fixing the house, and working on their property. He finds flying very relaxing.

(2013, Paperback, 40 pages)