The Profiler

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The Profiler
by Steve Peterson

After finishing law and human behaviour, Justin Radon finds rewarding, although exhausting, work at the National Health Services, UK.

As a young psychoanalyst, he surprises patients and colleagues alike by his outstanding, and most often effective, analysis and prescription. Expectedly, Justin is reaping rewards in promotions and compensations at a young age in his profession. Yet Justin feels a nag somewhere in his being. What could it be?

Watching the media trail of a serial killer, his attention is suddenly focused on a man assigned profiling the suspect in the crimes, Harold Bowman. A phone call to this man proves to be the catalyst in opening a path that Justin has not imagined for himself before.

About the Author

Steven Peterson trained in IBM engineering and worked as an engineering manager before he decided to venture into his other passion: writing mysteries. He is now retired and lives in Bexleyheath, a city in Kent State, United Kingdom.

(2012, paperback, 236 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review