The Problem with the World

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by Reno Jones The Problem with the World is a wide-ranging treatise intended to broaden the readers perspective on the greater world. Reno Jones shares his personal experiences and the insights gleaned from his own travels as well as a comprehensive survey of world events and influences in this unique work. Emphasizing cross-cultural understanding and personal involvement, Mr. Jones seeks to encourage us to approach the world with a sense of engaged curiosity and genuine openness to new experiences. This, he argues, is the basis for a true education and the cultivation and real understanding of life and the world we all share. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Reno Jones resides in Texas, where he devotes his time to writing books and music. After a professional boxing career under the name of Sam Jones, the author spent several years traveling the world with his sons, Sadeo and Charley. His observations and experiences during that time helped shape this work. (2008, paperback, 194 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review