The Price of Salvation

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The Price of Salvation

By: John Anderson

About the Book

An old-fashioned telling of an outlaw in the American west, The Price of Salvation follows Thomas St. Hart and his gang, The Brothers of Boudiclare, as they face the deadly odds of modernization and are forced to pick between the sides of good and evil in order to attain their freedom. Thomas’s choice, leaning more towards the likes of God, results in an epic journey across a small section of Arizona to save the few remaining Christians left in the west, while being hunted by his former allies who chose the path of evil, led by none other than Luscious Boudiclare, Thomas’s father figure.

            Set in 1902, this thrilling tale of outlaws and men of faith has been called a "Whetstone Western": a faith-based western designed to sharpen the mind and symbolic sword of the faithful.

            With its themes of freedom, faith, and family particularly relevant today, this book brings us to question the very idea of law and order in our time, the concept of freedom and what is truly free, and the price we all must pay in order to attain it, especially when our families are on the line. All of these things are the price of salvation.

About the Author

John Anderson is a storyteller.

(2021, paperback, 354 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review