The Power of Deception: A suspense novel based on true occurrences

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The Power of Deception
by John Savarese

John Rossi is an ambitious young Wall Street trader, sent to the relative quiet of Columbus, Ohio, to facilitate a deal. But almost immediately he is snared by the intrigues of the wealthy Swartz familymade of the mysterious Dorothy, the ruthless Stanley, and their three lovely daughtersand a simple deal becomes very complicated.

The Power of Deception is a suspenseful, erotic courtroom thriller, in which terrible secrets and vast sums of money are dangerously intertwined. How will John Rossi finally obtain the leverage he needs to take Stanley Swartz down, before something terrible happens to him or someone he loves?

About the Author:

John Savarese is a former corporate bond broker, who traded bonds between the major security firms on Wall Street. He also had a career as a commercial real estate broker, which took him from San Diego to Houston, Los Angeles, Oakland, St Louis, and of course Columbus, Ohio.

(2016, Paperback, 214 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review