The Poemography of Hellen Hagler: Her Story in Poetic Form - eBook

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The Poemography of Hellen Hagler, Her Story in Poetic Form

by Vernell Wilson


Author, Vernell Wilson, writes poetically about the journey of Hellen Hagler, who shared her story about how she and her husband relocated from Pennsylvania to Detroit and started a tradition of celebrations on Christmas Eve, along with their five children, other family members, and friends. Vernell describes challenges and victories that the Hagler family encountered, while they continued the tradition, which remains to this day. Vernell hopes that the readers learn how they may start or continue their own family traditions of celebrations that will last

for many years.


About the Author

In the Poemography of Hellen Hagler, Her Story in Poetic Form, Vernell Wilson illustrates Hellen Hagler’s story through events that she shared and a promise – “Grandma, I’m going to write your story.” The illustrations are based on true Christmas Eve celebrations throughout the years. She writes poetry and personalized poems for others. Wilson is a Competent Toast Master, has a Master’s degree in Business Leadership, is a member of the National Society of Leadership Success, and has an Executive Certification in Leadership. She is also a member of the Golden Key Society.


She lives in Michigan, and you can visit her online at


(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review