The Pick Six Player

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The Pick Six Player
by Tracy D. Piper Hey! Would you like a tip on a winning horse? Wouldnt everyone? Thats where Tee Piper comes in with The Pick Six Player, a numbers program that corrals and brands a horses number. In this innovative approach to handicapping, you will be looking at multi-winning numbers in patterns on a gameboard you will create with pencil, paper, and a racing program. After completing The Pick Six Player, being without it at the track would be like being without a six-shooter in the Wild West. Step inside and find out why. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of California who currently lives in North Hollywood, Tee Piper loves horseracing and wanted to invent a game that people could play for entertainment. He is a longtime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion who enjoys sports, writing, and inventing. He has three sons and four grandchildren. (2004, paperback, 40 pages)