The Odd Twins 2 - eBook

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The Off Twins 2

By: Randy Caparco

About the Book

In the continuing saga, the ODD TWINS will develop and their utmost secrets will be revealed.

The mysteries of life will be highlighted and the journey into the unknown will take the reader to an area that is truly unchartered.

The child care center and its inhabitants will be exposed and its primary purpose will be revealed.

The fascination with the characters in book one will continue and the reader will surely become fixated with the unusual and intriguing characters in book two.

Police work, espionage, love, sex and the journey into the occult, will baffle the mind and keep the reader in suspense throughout looking for answers.

Take the journey and enjoy this unusual tale with unusual and somewhat charismatic characters that will have you yearning for more.




About the Author

Randy Caparco holds a Master’s Degree from CW Post College. He has been a law enforcement officer for a period of thirty years. Today he is retired from his last law enforcement position with the State of New York. He is an Enrolled Agent authorized to practice before the IRS and has an Accounting firm located in Suffolk County, New York.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review