The Monotheism of Abraham

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The Monotheism of Abraham and How It Shaped World History

by Teresa Rose Elizabeth Bottoni

About the Book

The Monotheism of Abraham sets out to prove that the God of Abraham who came from the city of Ur in Sumeria, in roughly 2,000 BC, is the same God worshipped by three of the world’s major religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The followers of these religions make up over half of the world’s population. Like a golden thread, our God connects the world of humanity together.


About the Author

Teresa Rose Elizabeth Bottoni was educated in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her bachelor’s degree from Suffolk University in sociology and continued for two more years at Salem College for her teaching certificate in social studies. After becoming a certified history teacher, she received a master’s degree in education. She then studied world religions as well as Islam at Harvard University and theology at St. John’s Seminary. Teresa taught courses at North Shore Community College on the history of religion. She continues to write books.


(2022, hardbound, 44 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review