The Lost Chosen: The Library at Alexandria

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The Lost Chosen: The Library at Alexandria

By Andrew McCauley


About the Book

Why does the Catholic Church claim the only connection to the Apostle Peter, allowing for no influence from the Holy Spirit beyond the book of Acts? The Lost Chosen is a concept to explain, fictionally, by author Andrew McCauley, what could have happened to the Spirit of God during the Church’s rise to full power and influence. In his book, Andrew creates a community of believers who carry the Holy Spirit and are segregated by God from the rest of the world since the inception of the Church. Readers can see that creativity can still exist in a fictional telling of God’s plan. We can let God inspire us as well as learn, think, and write.


About the Author

Andrew McCauley was raised on Long Island, NY and attended Penn State University. It was through a fraternity brother while at college that he became born again and began developing his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Andrew met his wife Theresa on a ferry boat from Fire Island; they now live in NC with their two daughters. He is grateful to God for the inspiration and imagination to write this book.


(2021, paperback, 138 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review