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The Long Road Up from Marble Falls

By: Steve Petty

About the Book

Who could have guessed that humble beginnings in Marble Falls, Texas, could have turned into a successful career, a multi-million-dollar business, and a whirlwind life of joy and heartbreak?

                The Long Road Up from Marble Falls is Steve Petty’s autobiographical account of his life journey, from his early childhood days in Marble Falls, picking cotton with his two brothers in the summer sun and enjoying his mother’s homemade biscuits, to his time in the Navy, to the development of his career as a successful salesman and later business owner.

                But his story is also one of love and loss. Petty details his first marriage, the birth of his three children, Kyle, Kurt, and Kristi, along with the demise of his first marriage. He then goes on to tell the tale of finding love again with his wife, Rosie, and the birth of his fourth child, Jason.

                From his hectic life as a salesman, which involved frequent moves, new homes, and life adjustments, to mourning the sudden death of Rosie’s daughter, Shannon, Petty reveals life’s twists and turns, marked by obstacles, tragedies, and disappointments. His experiences speak to persevering through the storms and always looking at life with a “can do” attitude.


About the Author

Steve Petty resides in Bradenton, Florida, with his wife, Rosie, where they enjoy traveling the world with friends and fishing. They also enjoy baseball games with the Bradenton Marauders, a “Class A Advanced” minor league team for the Pittsburgh Pirates.


(2018, eBook)

"A long road up from Marble Falls author Steve Petty

This book should be a must read for young people.  Steve Petty has written a blueprint for success relying on a strong work ethic, discipline, honesty, ability to listen and eagerness to learn to overcome a one percent odds of becoming a millionaire.  This book is an enjoyable read and is quite a frank book relating  his successes and failures.   I would recommend this book to readers of all ages."



"Steve Petty’s autobiography, “A Long Road up from Marble Falls” is the epitome of the American dream come true.  Both interesting and original, the nominal price of this book is a great value.  Mr. Petty had the courage and determination to never give up and the end result was astonishing.  His honesty, courage and positive attitude is inspiring.  With God’s blessings, he was able to accomplish what others only wish they could.  I read his book in 2 days; it was difficult to find a stopping point."  


"The road was bumpy and curvy but with knowledge, perseverance, and courage, an honorable man reached the top.  This story of success exemplifies the profound results that can be accomplished with hard work.  After evaluating his worth to an employer, Steve Petty struck out to achieve the same worth for and to himself.

Pouring untold hours of effort, and with the help of enthusiastic dedicated people, the results were fruitful.  The continuity flows splendidly with no deviations.  A restful read of accomplishment and a “feel good” ending.   I will recommend this book to all of my friends." - Bettie Perry   


"This autobiography is an easy read, but, I warn you, it's hard to put down. Steve has lead a very interesting and varied life. Solid ethics, and, a trust in God, has surely led him through tough times to a
hard-earned success. This book is well worth the cost and, it's reward is the
inspiration it gives. .   A+ " - Dean Petty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review