The Long Return: Should the Military Be Used as a Political Tool?

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The Long Return
by Col. David O. Scheiding, USAF (RET)

Upon returning to the United States after serving in Vietnam, Col. David O. Scheiding, USAF (RET) and other Vietnam vets were met with a significant amount of antiwar, anti-military sentiments by the American Society toward them. David reveals his reaction to the significant change in the general American attitude toward the Vietnam War.

The Long Return shows us his experiences as an Air Force pilot and his efforts to understand the change in the American attitude by looking at history and how and why the use of the military developed into a political tool by use by politicians. This is the only way he has been able to adjust and accept the change and to finally be at peace with himself, completing his long return from Vietnam.

About the Author:

Col. David O. Scheiding, USAF (RET) is a retired USAF officer, fighter pilot, and Vietnam vet who served his country for twenty-five years. He is also a Texas-licensed Professional Engineer (PE) who founded and ran his own environmental consulting firm for eighteen years. David and Jan, his wife of fifty-three years, reside in San Antonio, Texas.

(2016, Paperback, 200 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review