The Little White Dog Named Popcorn

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The Little White Dog Named Popcorn
by Susie Smith Begue

Based on a true story, The Little White Dog Named Popcorn is about a Shih Tzu named Popcornbut he isnt your ordinary lap dog! He thinks hes super dog, never sitting still, always running around and always getting into trouble.

Any child who loves animals will enjoy reading this adventurous tale!.

About the Author:

Author Susie Smith Begue grew up in southeastern Kentucky. Now, she and her husband reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Begue is the mother of two wonderful children and the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.

Begue has a love for nature, animals, photography and kayaking, and also worked for several years in special education. Yet, she always finds the time to read, especially Louis Lamour books and gardening magazines.

Retired now, Begue has many great memories of some of the wonderful students of whom she had the privilege to work with.

(2017, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review