The Little Duck Named Bedford: Duck of Colorful Feathers - eBook

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The Little Duck Named Bedford: Duck of Colorful Feathers

By: Pastor Ruth A.Harris


About the Book

The Little Duck Named Bedford is about a duck that was born with colorful feather, which makes him different from everyone else. The story helps children learn how to be friends with someone who may not look just like them, and how we are to treat each other. The story helps children know that God made us all special and unique with great gifts and talents.

About the Author

Pastor Ruth A.Harris has a son and a daughter, and five wonderful grandchildren who are joys to her life. She has been an ordained pastor for over nine years. Harris loves doing the work of the Lord. Working as a supervisor for a local pharmacy, Harris has been around children for most of her life. Her hobbies include singing, cooking, crafting, reading, and writing. She is a licensed cosmetologist, and she is certified in childcare and business management. Harris’ special interests include servicing the Lord, and helping people grow in their faith.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review