The Legend of the Copper Cyborg - ebook

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 The Legend of the Copper Cyborg

By L. Hawk and J. Hawk


It’s the year 2092. Kelsi, 12, and her teammates Red Nose and Black Nose, two wolf dogs, find themselves as players in a strange new world. Here, they must compete to stay in good standing, not only for their reputation but also for their survival. Realizing that it would be much harder to get back home, they made it a point to take the game more seriously in order to survive and get to the top. However, when Kelsi is overcome with the need to win, she begins to throw herself and her friends into more and more dangerous predicaments. After Kelsi learns more about the legend of the copper cyborg, she comes up with a plan. But will the cyborg be what Kelsi and the village need to make it to the top or is the game world doomed from the start? The Legend of the Copper Cyborg blends the classic with the modern. It combines the enchantment of Oz, the suspense of Frankenstein, the mechanics of Minecraft, and the exploration of the Jungle Book into one twisting, fascinating saga that is sure to entertain even the most reluctant of readers.

(2022, eBook, 260 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review