The Key of SEE

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The Key of SEE
by Thomas Channing One Sunday morning, a preacher is walking to his church when he comes across a young boy in a tree. The two begin a dialogue written in the style of the famous philosophical dialogues of Socrates, in this case regarding Christianity. As the boy shares his views on the word of God and religion as a whole, others gather to listen to him. Much like Jesus, the people enjoy his ideas while the preacher and other teachers of religion who wander by feel threatened. Using biblical quotes and a unique format, Thomas Channing presents important and undoubtedly controversial ideas in The Key of SEE. Those who read this book may find themselves perplexed or comforted, but either way, the book will indeed cause a reaction in the heart of the reader as it shares the truth of the Bible. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Thomas Channing grew up with two parents who were constantly searching the scriptures and ancient books for the truth. Even as a young child, he longed to understand what his parents were discussing. Now Mr. Channing aims to share the truth about the Bible that few know. A native and current resident of New Jersey, when not writing or researching, Mr. Channing enjoys hunting, camping, and playing the guitar. (2008, paperback, 40 pages)