The Homecoming (HB)

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The Homecoming

by A.R. O’Brien

About the Book

Suffocating under the strict hand of her father and his cult-like family dynamic, Brooke Reynolds still dares to dream of one day finding a safe place to call home. Knowing she has basically been sold to a man who has been obsessed with her for years, Brooke is desperate to get out and create a new life for herself before its too late. The Homecoming follows Brooke as she strikes out on her own with what little she has in the world. This story defines the journey of a girl lost in a world she is incapable of understanding until one person reaches out a hand to show her kindness. Realizing that not everyone is hard and heartless, may change the way she sees the world. A local, loving family gives her a second chance for friendship and a new life, but Brooke doesn't trust that she's worthy of anyone's kindness and may not be able to accept it as reality. Her feelings and powerful attraction to the handsome but infuriating Cole Burton, aren't helpful. Neither is the persistence of her stalker, a man who believes she belongs to him in the eyes of God. The author hopes that every reader thinks of that one person who took the time to show them that they matter. For those of you who haven`t yet met that person, never give up hope and faith that there is someone out there that cares deeply about you and can truly see your soul.

About the Author

A.R. O`Brien loves to read and write as well as enjoying well-written movies and television. She has been imagining stories and putting them on paper since she first learned to write. Those who managed to get their hands on her handwritten notebooks and read them, often begged her to finish them so they could hear the end of the story. Many encouraged her to chase the path of a writer, but life happened and until recently she couldn`t focus on it. O`Brien is a devoted wife and mother of three wonderful sons. She is one of the lucky ones who found true love at an early age and will be celebrating her twentieth anniversary this year. She enjoys going to high school football games where one son plays linebacker, and another is in marching band. She also enjoys spending time with her three-year-old exploring the excitement of the world through his eyes. Coming from a large family herself with countless cousins gives her unique take on the world. The Homecoming is the first full manuscript O`Brien has finished and she looks forward to what comes next.

(2022, hardback, 544 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review